Great Italian cru Shanghai, success is repeated

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15 May 2021

After Shenzhen we landed in Shanghai

It promises to be an enchanting day from all points of view.!

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<a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" just="" think="" that="" in="" the="" last="" week="" it="" rained="" every="" evening="" and="" only="" on="" may="" 15th,="" there="" was="" an="" incredible="" sun="" all="" day,="" heat="" wave="" coming="" from="" outside="" passion="" of="" wine="" lovers="" for="" italian="" is="" overwhelming."="">Great Italian cru Shanghai, success is repeated! After Shenzhen we landed in Shanghai It promises to be an enchanting day from all points of view. Just think that in the last week it rained every evening and Only on May 15th, there was an incredible sun all day, the heat wave coming from outside and The passion of wine lovers for Italian wine is was overwhelming. Thanks again to all the friends who have followed us in this wonderful adventure. The splendid stage in Shanghai was the result of all joint efforts. Originally, only 80 people were expected in Shanghai, but we have reached 120 There are many wine lovers, tasters, sommeliers, wine educators, even the media, lifestyle KOLs and fashion ect. We can say that everyone is radiant and cheerful! But will it be true that Italian wine lovers are all so attractive ?! Alex: The Interprocom branch office in Shanghai was born four years ago. They have made continuous progress and have achieved remarkable growth over the years. Bebo is the general manager of our Branch here in Shanghai who will share with us the story behind the success of Interprocom in Shanghai. Bebo: I would like to share some thoughts on Italian wine with you. It was really difficult to popularize Italian wine in the beginning, because in Italy there are many production areas, there are different categories and grape varieties and they are very complex. First of all, Chinese consumers are very intelligent and have begun to learn all these aspects. Second, let's talk about wine lovers. Initially, they preferred the more international grape such as Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. But slowly when they begin to become wine connoisseurs, they prefer wine that is a little more complex. Italy is the country with this trend. Italian wine is like a huge wardrobe, where you can choose what to wear carefully every day. The wine selection process is a bit like that, and it also implies having style in the choice. Now let's see the next stop in: Beijing!

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